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Our services

A clinical trial has always been and remains the main tool for testing and evaluating products developed by pharmaceutical companies. Hundreds of scientific teams spend weeks and months working hard to hopefully create new drugs, vaccines and ultimately a new future for the pharmaceutical industry and for all humanity. In a clinical trial setting, multimillion-dollar investments and people’s health are at stake. So the accuracy of all study procedures, the verifiability of results and their repeatability are particularly important. Any clinical trial requires follow-up services and professional support. Clinical Trial Support is your reliable partner in this complicated and important process. We’ll take on all related issues and help you save time and money that you can put toward your major activities. At Clinical Trial Support we do what we are experts at and what we are experienced in. This allows us to guarantee a successful outcome in each case.

While conducting any clinical trial, you will need to follow a tiring, multi-step procedure to negotiate your documentation and make it fully compliant with international requirements. Plus, you’ll have to deal with a huge number of organizational issues. We’re ready to provide you with qualified support throughout this process.

Our specialists will give legal assistance at each step of a clinical trial: They will counsel you regarding possible risks, check your documents’ templates , correct them if necessary or make required contracts in a timely manner.

Conducting a clinical trial is a costly endeavor. We will help you to create a budget, to estimate your costs, to calculate grant amounts for research teams, and to optimize your expenses. We’ll also provide you with comprehensive counseling on any and all issues.

You can trust us to deal with any issues related to import and export of all required clinical trial materials, ranging from drugs and equipment to non-typical materials. Our Logistics Division will help you to obtain all required certificates and permissions, to navigate the customs clearance of study materials, to arrange storage of clinical materials under the appropriate temperature conditions and to expedite their delivery to clinical sites. We'll also help you to return, export and destroy study materials.

Patients participating in clinical trials should be kept comfortable during their transfer to the study site. We have developed an effective system of patient transfer organization that provides maximum comfort to patients and is highly convenient for clinical sites and, of course, for you.

Since the era of retorts, brass mortars and distillation stills, the technical level and costs of equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry have greatly increased. Bringing all necessary medical devices to a clinical site on a timely basis often is quite a challenging and costly task, especially if you have to import the equipment. In such cases, equipment supply is an optimal solution. We’re ready to rent any specific equipment that is lacking in the clinical sites where you are going to conduct your trial.

One translation error in a clinical trial document could cause important data to be misinterpreted or could even distort the sense of the entire document. Absolute accuracy is the only acceptable standard for dealing with these challenges as well as with all other pharmaceutical issues. Our Translation Division specialists have in-depth knowledge of medical terms and vast experience in clinical trials as well as in linguistics. We guarantee total accuracy in the translation of clinical trials documents, such as reports, protocols, brochures, certificates, agreements, delegation letters or any others you may require.