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About Us

Mission, Inspiration, Passion, Lifework. These words may seem too pompous or pretentious to be related to anything other than art (poetry, acting, or dancing). But we strongly believe that only those people who are passionate about the business they have chosen, who are entirely devoted to it and who are constantly striving for excellence, are truly professionals.

We had a great stroke of luck — so great, in fact, that we almost envy ourselves. We’ve already found what many people search a lifetime for — our business niche, an activity that deserves to be called our lifework. We have also been lucky in bringing together a group of professionals that has evolved from being just a company staff into a true team of like-minded colleagues.

We provide a comprehensive set of services to support clinical trials. We approach our work like a team of professional players whose only goal is to achieve positive results. That’s why we consider each task to be a personal challenge. The more demanding the task, the more determined we are to succeed. The tougher the challenge, the more satisfying the winning result is. We perfectly know that a clinical trial setting has no standard situations and no typical solutions. This is what turns our work into art and keeps us passionately committed to what we do. This is what motivates us to move forward, to strive to gain as much experience as possible and to use this knowledge in a wise and beneficial way.

This is what we are proudest of: our professional knowledge and insight, our intuition backed by vast experience in Russia and the world, a caring attitude toward every client we meet and to our business in general, and meticulous attention to all the minor details and the specific issues of every case. This is what we guarantee: a comprehensive range of services to support your clinical trials and any type of necessary assistance, provided in a timely manner. Clinical Trial Support is our team. Just like each of us is a part of the company, Clinical Trial Support is an inherent part of our lives and dwells within our hearts.