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Equipment supply

You have the necessary facilities and an experienced staff to conduct a clinical trial. The only thing that is holding you back is the lack of several pieces of equipment. You are afraid that it may make the site you have chosen not eligible? In reality, of course, this could be a problem. Getting all the right materials when and where you need them may be a big challenge. If you find yourself in such a situation, don't be too quick to say "no". Even if you have chosen a clinical site that complies with most requirements, you may find yourself being delayed by red tape if you order expensive equipment or try to arrange the delivery of medical devices rented from foreign companies.

Clinical Trial Support can provide you with all necessary equipment ranging from office appliances to specialized medical devices, depending on the type of trial you’re going to conduct.

We’ll deliver all necessary equipment to the clinical site of your choice. We’ll maintain the equipment and guarantee its trouble-free operation during the entire rental period, whatever long it may be. And at the end of the study or at your request, we’ll collect the equipment. Yes, if you work with Clinical Trial Support, the process will really be as simple as we have described it here.

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