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Customs Clearance, Storage and Logistics

Clinical Trial Support is an expert at preparing and processing all import and export customs documents, acting on behalf of the customer during customs procedures, and providing a full range of logistics services.

We will arrange import and export of all materials you may need for your clinical trials: laboratory kits, case-report forms, equipment, and medications (including those with controlled temperature conditions). Clinical Trial Support specialists will arrange all your shipments, including biological samples and non-standard materials, and have them delivered safely to your clinical site or depot with our Depot Shuttle.

Any activity, even if it has been meticulously planned, faces the risk of unforeseen situations and circumstances. We’ll make all necessary efforts to ensure that unexpected problems don’t prevent you from achieving your goal. Redirecting shipments, arranging required storage conditions at bonded warehouses, delivering equipment and materials to final consignee in Moscow or other Russian cities — these are only some timely measures that we can offer in urgent situations.

We’ve created a useful and practical tool to track statuses of import operations- Clinical Trial Support Database so that you can track the current status of your shipment. Our presentation ( .pdf, 780 Kb) will provide you with basic details on how it works.

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